Got Quilts? by Pam Damour


     Like many of you, I've been quilting for years, or rather; I've been starting quilts for years!  I haven't always been good at finishing, because often I'd lose interest in the project, run out of fabric, or had leftover blocks.  Whatever the reason, I just acquired a large amout of UFO's
     A few years ago my mother-n-law, who quilted everyday, died at the age of 91.  I went into her sewing room the day after she died, and to my amazement, had left only one unfinished quilt behind.   It was the one quilt she was working on. I then decided to finish my UFO's and make them into something fun and useful.  That was the inspiration for this book.  With "Got Quilts"you will find15 fast and fun accessories you can make from quilt tops, partial quilt tops, and orphan blocks.

My new book is now available!  

A downloadable PDF Ebook  version is also now available HERE!


2015 Boot Camp Dates

If you’re one of the many that have been wanting to attend my Boot Camp, but the scheduling just didn’t work out for 2014, join us June 1 - 5 in Champlain NY this year.  Class space is limited, so if you are interested please email me for a brochure and click the link below to  read about the camp life!

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