These templates are made from translucent vinyl. Because of their transparency, fabric prints can be centered, and each section of your treatment can be matched. The templates can be used alone, or in combination with others in the set. They can be flipped, and combined for unlimited possibilities. You’ll never need to purchase a paper pattern again. SAVE! Order all twelve templates for one low price!

Below we have many templates and patterns to choose from including a circular tablecloth template,valance sewing pattern or scallop template. If you are looking for a sewing template contact us for our many varieties!

The Ultimate Pillow Template

Are you looking for an easier way to cut out pillows, place mats, napkins and more?  Now you can cut your pillows with tapered corners and seam... More 

Lora Swag - Template #5

This template is designed with the wide part at the top, so when installed at the smaller bottom width, the top has a graceful swag.  Then, we... More 

24" Pillow Template

This template, used in DVDs 101 & 110 is designed to mark out squares, rectangles and circles. Its designed for pillows, but can be used for so much... More 

30" Tapered Pillow Template

If you’ve ever made a pillow with “dog ears” then this is for you. This template is carefully scored so you can mark each side of your... More 

Circular Tablecloth Template

Make round table cloths from 72” in diameter to 144” in diameter. This template is also great for using as a marking template for embroidery... More 

Full Template Set w/DVD 112

Order all twelve templates and save! Includes DVD #112. More 

The Scallop - Template #1

This template is one of the most commonly used, and can be used in combination with other templates. More 

Straight -Template #2

This template is a great spacer between other shapes, especially when used with pleats. It can also be used by itself, as in this button back valance.... More 

Bell -Template #3

This template designed to make a bell shaped pleat, and it can be adjusted by using the different angled lines and the different bottom curves.... More 

Tail or Jabot -Template #4

This template is designed to be adjustable for the length and fullness desired. For the desired length, just slid the bottom edge, keeping the same... More 

The Circular Template -Template #6

This is our best selling template from the whole collection, perhaps because you can do so much with it. This one-piece pattern can be made into a... More 

Triangular -Template #7

When it comes to versatility, this template wins the prize. Although you can make a basic triangular scarf as shown here, there are extra marking... More