Archived “The Rhinestone Geni Returns” Webinar 2020



Host: David Ihm

Topic: The Rhinestone Geni Returns

Description: I first met David Ihm at the international Quilt Market in Houston a few years ago. His great concept for applying crystals blew me away. With a lot of pestering him, he’s agreed to design some new patterns just for us! The American flag on the mask is ideal for this pandemic we are currently experiencing. He’s even created a design for one of my embroideries. I haven’t created a design with multiple colors, so I am excited to how this is done. So join me as David walks us through his crystal wonderland!

Watch the webinar LIVE, and interact with Pam. Questions are encouraged and feed back is appreciated. With the archived webinar, you can pause, forward and rewind as needed. You can view your archived webinar as manytimes as you want, there is no limit. You can also save the webinar to your computer, flash drive, external hard drive, etc.


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