Archived – The Victorian Sewing Box Webinar (2020)


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This is The Victorian Sewing Box. I’ve kicked it up a notch, by making it possible to sew most of it by machine, using our stabilizer products. The box has a lid, that when removed, the box opens like a flower, exposing “petals” that will hold a variety of sewing notions. This project is like eating potato chips! You will want more than one!
I’ll show you a few variations and demonstrate the trickier parts of this pattern. As usual, I’ll have a special deal on the pattern and related products available only to the viewers.

Watch the webinar LIVE, and interact with Pam. Questions are encouraged and feed back is appreciated. With the archived webinar, you can pause, forward and rewind as needed. You can also save the webinar to your computer, flash drive, external hard drive, etc. No limit on how many times you can view archived webinars.

7pm EST  – Last approximately one hour.


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