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DVD 101 – The Perfect Pillow

There’s nothing more inviting than a well-made accent pillow and ordering custom made pillows can cost hundreds of dollars! Now you can learn secrets used by professional decorators to “right those pillow wrongs”.

  • How to cut pillows, while centering patterns, using pillow template
  • Getting rid of the “dog ears”
  • Easy zipper insertions; where to put them & how to do it, using the zipper foot and needle positions
  • Beautiful welt cord you can make yourself, using the continuous bias guide, and welt foot
  • No-fuss ruffles in a snap, using the ruffler

DVD 102 – Pillow Parade

Pillow Parade is packed with sewing techniques to make three different styles of pillows as well as step-by-step box style cushions. Join Pam as she demonstrates techniques used by professional drapery workrooms.

  • Make neck roll pillowsApply and join twisted cord trim, using the zipper foot
  • Make envelope pillows with bias binding edges using the ½” bias binder
  • Make a flanged pillow with double welting accent, using the double welt foot
  • Learn trade secrets for box style seat cushions, with welt cord and zipper

DVD 103 – Windows 101

Do you peruse home decorator magazines dreaming of how to create the great looks they offer? Let Pam Damour, The Decorating Diva, share her trade secrets in how to design your own rod run valances the way the pros do.

  • Learn how to calculate your fabric needs
  • Match pattern repeats at seams
  • Draft original designs for your home
  • How to add flat piping, using the edge stitching foot, & edge joining foot
  • Sewing from start to finish
  • Installing and dressing for that special look

DVD 104 – Sensational Swags

Gone are the days of “disposable decorating” as people are looking for elegant, classic window dressings that will last for years. Join Pam Damour, The Decorating Diva, as she shares her trade secrets for drafting bias cut swags, with any drop and any number of folds you desire.

  • Learn swag pattern drafting How to cut and sew swag
  • Designing, cutting and sewing jabots (Tails)
  • How to pleat folds in swags and jabots (Tails)
  • Mounting on a board
  • Installation and dressing

DVD 105 – Shady Sensations

How many times have you looked at the classic Roman shade, and wondered, “How do make these?” There certainly are a lot of ‘tricks of the trade’ in making these timeless window coverings which can act as an insulating shade as well as a valance when up. Let the Decorating Diva walk you through the steps involved in making several styles of Roman shades!
You will Learn:

  • How to measure, cut, and calculate yardageSewing
  • ringing and ribbing
  • types of mounts
  • Hardware; Stringing; Weight bar
  • Installing
  • The four shade types covered are:
  • The Basic flat Roman shade
  • Relaxed Roman shades
  • Hobbled Roman shades
  • Bottoms-up Roman shades

DVD 106 – Super Slipcovers

Slipcovers are the newest “old” idea in decorating! And Pam Damour, the Decorating Diva has been doing them for over 20 years! Learn what makes a good candidate for slipcovers, and how you can change the style of the furniture with a slipcover. A custom slipcover doesn’t have that sloppy look, nor is it inexpensive. That’s why so many are doing it themselves. $25.00
Walk through the process, as Pam shows you how to:

  • Make the cut: Where to start; what order pieces need to be cut; Pattern matching
  • Trimming with Welt cord: How to calculate; How to make
  • Sewing together: What order does the cover get sewn: how to make the cushion
  • Finishing; without a skirt, using Velcro; with a skirt; Closure options
  • Create a whole new look for your home, using what you have, while creating a little slipcover magic!

DVD 107 – Terrific Toppers

Whenever a decorator uses a board to mount our window treatments, what do we think? Expensive? Difficult to make? Difficult to install? In actuality, board mounted treatments are none of these. They are easy, economical and a cinch to install! Join the decorating diva to make three classic styles of board mounted top treatments.
You will learn:

  • Different types of board valances
  • Box pleated
  • Gathered
  • Scalloped

Learn how to design your valance, draft an original pattern, calculate yardage, and use templates.
After your valance is ready, you will learn how to prepare the mounting board, mount the topper, and install! You will be amazed how easy and fast your top treatments will go together, and you’ll never need another pattern again!

DVD 108 – Designer Draperies

The drapery panel is back with a vengeance! They’re elegant and graceful. Custom decorator workrooms produce more draperies than any other treatment. They function beautifully, insulate wonderfully, and fold perfectly. And until now, people thought they were just too hard to make.
Join the decorating diva as you learn:

  • Understanding Pinch Pleated Draperies
  • Cutting the fabric & lining
  • Sewing the draperies: Hemming; Hemming the lining; Side hems
  • Marking of the pleats; Sewing of the pleats; Pleating the pleats

And pleated draperies come in all shapes and forms.Other types of pleats

  • Goblet
  • Country
  • Euro
  • Tuxedo
  • Box
  • Button
  • Center tacked

DVD 109 – Secrets of a Decorator’s Workroom

After numerous requests to put together a tutorial just on techniques from the workroom, the decorating diva has done it!
Let Pam walk you through the following workroom techniques, sharing tips and trick all the way!
Continuous Bias

  • Welting; how to make, turn corners, splice
  • Double welt cord: how to make, turn corners, splice
  • Jumbo Welting
  • Ruched Welting
  • Flat Piping
  • Twisted Cord
  • Faux Piping
  • Gathered Ruffles
  • Pleated Ruffles
  • Ruching
  • Mitered Ruching

DVD 110 – Magic Miters, Hems & More!

When a sewing teacher says, “miter”, immediately most of the students in the class get this glazed over look! Miters are scary, until you understand them! Let Pam Damour, the decorating diva walk you though a maze of miters, as well as some helpful tips on hemming, and using sewing templates.
Mitered hem

  • Lined mitered hem
  • Mitered banding
  • Mitered flanges
  • 10mm rolled hem
  • Topstitched hems
  • Blind Hems
  • Bias binding hem
  • Misc. Workroom Techniques & tips
  • Zipper insertion
  • Using workroom templates
  • Matching patterns
  • Covering a mounting board

Using these techniques will give a sewer the confidence that usually it takes years of experience to achieve!

DVD 111 – Romancing the Bedroom

Romancing the Bedroom is something we all need to do! We spend about a third of our lives in this room, so making it pleasing and comfortable will change your life. Learn to make custom bedspreads, coverlets, and duvet covers to make your bed more appealing and cozy. Add the right headboard, bed skirt, and shams and you’ll never want to get out of bed! $25.00
You will Learn:

  • How to measure, cut, and calculate yardage
  • What type of bed cover works best for each bed style
  • Common sizes of mattresses and pillows
  • Sewing
  • Matching patterns at the seam
  • Ruching
  • Zipper insertion
  • Banding
  • Types of bed covers

The four bedroom components covered are:

  • Bedcovers: Duvets, bedspreads, coverlets with reverse shams.
  • Bed skirts: Banding the deck, sewing with lining, tailored and gathered styles, adding split corners.
  • Pillow Shams: zipper insertions, making a padded flange, with a corded edge.
  • Headboard: step-by-step instructions on making a headboard, making ruching, padding a headboard, how to mount onto bed.

DVD 112 – Element of a Window Treatment

After almost 30 years in the decorating industry, I had an epiphany! Many of the window treatments my business created for clients had the same “elements”, but they were used in different combinations, with different fabrics. This DVD shows what I have identified as the 12 most commonly used elements, and how to use them. In addition, I have developed my own template system using these elements.
You will Learn:

  • How to identify the best fabrics to use for each design
  • How to get many different looks from the same elements
  • How to size a tops treatment to fit your window
  • The three types of top treatments
  • Matching patterns

Bonus techniques:

  • How and why to interline
  • Making a pleated ruffle trim
  • Making and applying micro welt
  • Micro welt with flat piping


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