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Many of you have asked about my “Sewing with a Mission” charity, and our future plans. I’m sure it’s no surprise to know we will not be returning to Peru any time soon. But there is still a need, and we wish to keep our sewing schools operating in our absence. If you’re looking for a taxable deduction for 2020, please consider Sewing with a Mission as your non-profit of choice. Since our SWAM website is still not up and running yet, we will be posting a SWAM page on my website, selling many of the mission products. We have projects made by our students, as well as kits, patterns and lovely Peruvian Fabrics by the yard.

On our last trip to Peru, be brought back several pieces of Peruvian fabric to sell at the sewing expos, to raise money for our cause. With COVID and no expos, we still have stock. In addition to cut yardage, we also have stuffed Llamas, bag kits and finished bags made by our students in the orphanage and women’s shelters.

Since we don’t have our Sewing with a Mission website up and running, I have decided to post these on my own website. Please know that any purchase you make on this page helps support our sewing schools in Peru where we help disadvantaged girls and young women learn life skills and earn livable wages.

Llamas are 8” high and made of real fur.

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