Precision Adhesive Mat (P.A.M.)


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THE PRECISION ADHESIVE MAT (P.A.M.)Use our double-sided, self-adhesive mat to design all your quilting and sewing projects.  Place this mat on your clean, dry, dust free wall for a secure design wall.  Out mat has a gentle adhesive that allows you to place, remove and adjust your fabric pieces until you have the final design.  Our Precision Adhesive Mat is safe for most wall finishes including paint and wallpaper. We recommend testing all finishes prior to application with the test square included. This mat leaves minimal residue, if any to your walls, that can be easily removed with warm soapy water. This mat can be folded for easy storage when not in use. This mat can be used over and over again. 36″ x 72″

THE PORTABLE P.A.M. The Portable Precision Adhesive Mat is 12″ square and comes with a 12 1/2″ square ruler.  Its personal size allows you to design your quilt block right at your sewing station.  It’s large enough for a 12″ quilt block, but small enough to take to class.  This mat is also self-adhesive on both sides.  This allows the mat to be placed on the included ruler for stability and allows pieces to stay in place wile you create your block.


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36" x 72", 12" x 12"


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