Water Soluble Pencil set


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Suited for precise fine markings and can easily be wiped off with water. Useful for creating fine lines when sewing.


  • White-Art. No 5000
  • Blue-Art. No 5001
  • Pink-Art. No 5002

How to wipe markings off

  • To wipe off with water, place a dry towel or cloth underneath your project. Wet a cloth or towel and rub it carefully to wipe off the markings


  • Test the pencil marker with a piece of the same fabric
  • Please be aware that marking may not be washed off if it is ironed
  • If marking cannot be erased, wash the fabric with water and mild detergent. Do not dry clean
  • When sharpening use a small pencil sharpener
  • The Water Soluble pencil is non-toxic


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