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LauraStar Ironing Systems and Replacement Filters

Laurastar's exclusive technologies make ironing fun and easy. Experience how Laurastar can cut your ironing time in half. Laurastar is a Swiss brand that is constantly innovating so you can keep your clothes and textiles looking beautiful easily and purify them naturally, thanks to the hygienic qualities of its steam. Thanks to its high temperature, its ability to penetrate fibers and its power, Laurastar steam effectively and naturally purifies your clothes and all the fabrics in your home. Laurastar Irons are designed for use with tap water. Learn how easy it is to keep your iron clean and why our products are built to last. Smart U: The most sophisticated model in the range, the Laurastar SMART U is equipped with all of Laurastar's latest technological innovations. With its motion sensor and connectedness, this system is there to ensure that you get perfect results, without any effort. LIFT PLUS: The Lift Plus has all the features of the Lift, PLUS more: the revolutionary pulse steam, a backlit LED water tank, and the fantastic 3D active soleplate. Includes steam cord holder. Available in pink or blue. LIFT EXTRA: The Lift Xtra has all the features of the Lift Plus with XTRA: the new all-aluminum 3D soleplate and a new thermostat with the ideal temperature setting for a perfect result on all fabrics- no more temperature settings! We are offering special bundles for a limited time.  You will also get a bonus pressing mat. This 12" x 22" mat is not available on our website, it is a custom cut just for this special.  Also this bundle includes a year of my Elite Membership!

  • The SMART U Bundle retails $3,499.00 Sale price $2,799.00!!
  • The Lift Extra Bundle retails for $1,399.00, Sale price $999.00
  • The Lift Plus Bundle retails for $1,299.00, Sale price $899.00