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12th Annual (2024): Webathon - Archived

As children, we remember the movie marathon that was presented by our local PBS station as a fundraiser each year. Back then, there were no "movie" channels, no all night TV, and most of us had only one TV which Dad controlled what we watched. We looked forward to the webathon, staying up all night, eating popcorn and other junky treats, and bonding with each other. This is what inspired us to create our own "Webathon" where we will broadcast 24 hours of sewing, quilting, crafting and other creative programming. The mix will be fun, and you'll want to stay up all night with your friends. Whether you're doing this as a "Sew in" at your local store, getting together with some sewing friends or just hanging with us all night, you're sure to have fun!

The live webathon, will be open to everyone who receives our news letters.  This purchase is for the archived version.  So, if you think you are going to miss any of the webinars, or if it's already aired, and you missed it... here it is.  You can watch this over and over, stop, pause and forward to the place you want to be.  The complete webathon will be available February 1st.

We are offering an early bird special.  Purchase our 12th Annual Webathon prior to going live for $50.  (sale ends midnight  EST 1.11.24)

 If you have any questions, you can contact Pam at or 518-297-2699

Starts:January 12, 2024 at 12noon EST to 12midnight EST.
Resumes: January 13, 2024 6am EST to 6pm EST