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Juki DX-2000QVP

Enjoy a new level of performance with Juki's quilting and sewing machine, the DX-2000QVP.  Experience a machine and stitch quality that only the largest industrial sewing machine company in the world can offer.

With the ability to adjust to your needs, the DX-2000QVP comes with a foot pedal that allows you to choose the heel operation, automatic foot lift, a precise qarter-inch, and easy set single needle plate for perfectly straight stitches: this machine makes sure that your project is from breathtaking fashion pieces to cozy quilts  that come out looking professional and beautiful.

The features don't stop there!  This machine comes equipped with sought-out features like needle up/down, thread trimming, drop in bobbin and speed control.  With the addition of our LCD screen display and auto settings, we've made sure this machine works for any level sewing expertise.

Enhance your sewing experience with an exciting variety of stitch patterns and specialty quilt accessories available only for the DX-2000QVP.

Got questions?  Please call Pam at 518.297.2699