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The Alphabet Series - Patterns

I started the "Alphabet Series" several years ago, with a goal to design a bag/wallet/purse for every letter in the alphabet.  Each bag has a dedication to the person who inspired the project. Though I many friends and family to choose from, I can only pick one per letter.  This series is so much fun, but a lot of work to get the design and patterns ready for publication.  I hope you really enjoy these projects as much as I am designing them! All the patterns will include a video tutorial link to guide you along.

The Alma Bag:  This is the first bag in my "Alphabet Series". This bag is named after my grandmother who inspired me to sew.  Born into a poor dairy farm family, she sewed out of necessity as many women did back in the day.  this bag is designed and made of cork fabric, but it can be made of fabric, leather and faux leathers. It has three pockets, a key fob and a two-way zipper closure.  Dimensions: 11" x 10 x 3"  

The Beckah Beach Bag: This is the second bag in the Alphabet Series.  This bag is named after my high school best friend, Beckah Mashtare Krahula.  Although designed as a beach bag, this pattern can be (and has) made into a grocery bag, a Halloween candy collecting bag, a reusable Easter "basket", or an everyday tote.  As a bonus, I've included the pattern for a matching accessory bag which can be doubled as a clutch. Multi-formatted embroidery designs are included.  Dimensions: 14" x 12" x 4", 12.5" x 9.5"

The Chrissie Clutch:  The 3rd bag in this series is named after my beloved pet and constant companion for 16 years. This clever clutch has three zippers with 2 pockets and can sport an optional strap to convert it to a shoulder bag.  Dimensions: 11" x 9" x 3"

The Debbie Duffle: The 4th bag in this series is named after my assistant, Debbie Balmer.  This bag is designed for a weekend away, sporting event, the gym or even an oversized diaper bag.  Flexible enough to fold up for easy storage and transport.  Dimensions: 23" x 4" x 14"

The Emma Bags:  The 5th bag in this series is named after my dear friend and colleague, Emma Seabrooke, who ins pored this bag.  This little gem can hole your phone, cash, keys, ID, lipstick or anything small when you do not have pockets and do not want to drag along a purse or bag.  the bag can be embellished with a surface design. I'm included a second pattern for the "Emma Two", which is similar but without the flap and can hold a water bottle.

The Frannie Pack: The 6th bag in this series is named after my dear friends Fran Hershfield and Francine Fitzgerald.  This versatile bag is great for any occasion.  It is designed to be a cross over bag and can be made to sit on either shoulder.  Its flat design allows it to hug your body, making it comfortable for traveling, shopping or anytime you want a small, hands-free and roomy bag.  The strap is wide for comfort, and is adjustable.

The Gracie Grab-n-Go: The 7th bag in this series is named for my operations manager Terry Sperr ("Gracie is her husband's pet name for her). This Organizer is a wallet and small bag in one.

The Hopkins Handbag: The 8th bag in this series is for my dear friend Diane Hopkins Murphy.  She is my co-worker on our mission trips; and she assists me at many of my sewing retreats.  The Hopkins Handbag is the perfect everyday bag to hold all your essentials.

The Isabel Organizer: The 9th bag in this series is named after my dear friend and co-worker, Barbara Isabel Cotter.   This organizer has elastic bands to hold and organized your electronic cords, chargers, sewing supplies, art supplies, medications, makeup and many more.