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 To train fellow professionals on drapery workroom techniques obtained in my 30+ years of industry experience. These Techniques are the same taught at drapery trade shows and at workroom training. My program has a 9-year track record with professional sewers and educators. Many self-taught tradespeople have been through drapery schools and found it very beneficial to their business. I’ll see you at Boot Camp



 Six Serger Techniques You NEED To Know!
This comprehensive workbook class where you will explore six essential serger techniques. Gain a deeper a deeper understanding of your serger and acquire valuable skills that will enhance your overall sewing proficiency.  Throughout the class, you will gain insight into the inner workings of your serger.  Conclude the class by celebrating your serger success with possessing a toolkit of valuable techniques that will not only enhance your serging capabilities but also contribute to your overall sewing proficiency.  Master the art of using your serger to:

- Insert zipper the easy way
- Make piping fun & fast
- Achieve various hemming techniques
- Flawless flatlocking
- Beautiful blanket binding



Three Super Simple Serger Bags

Join this dynamic workshop where you will create three stylish bags exclusively using your serger.  Designed to be completed in just three hours, you will not only produce beautiful bags but also gain valuable skills applicable to a range of projects. Start your bag-making journey with the Easy-Binding Bag.  Move onto the One-Sided Zipper Bag and conclude with the Melody Make-up Mesh Bag.  Explore three different methods for inserting zippers and gain insight into choosing the right stabilizers for optimal results.  I will share my expertise, helping you achieve the desired results in term of structure and durability.  Leave the class not only with three beautiful bags, but also armed with the knowledge and skills to apply these techniques to a myriad of future projects. 

The Secret to Making Great Bags

The secret is out! A great bag does not just happen, it takes research, engineering, and planning to succeed.  I have done all of the research and I'm going to share my discoveries with you. I will help you determine the best stabilizers, zippers and hardware for your bag, as well as demonstrate different ways to finish the bag bottom.  See how various pockets and zipper insertions are used to create your own unique bag.

The "Getting To Know My Serger" Pillow

Embark on a creative journey as you delve into the world of serger finishing techniques.  My hands-on experience will not only enhance your sewing skills but also result in a beautiful pillow adorned with intricate details.  Get up close and personal with the serger to craft a piece that reflects your newfound expertise.  You will learn how to make pleated trim, piping, serger lace, zipper insertions, and more!  Embrace the artistry of serging and enjoy the satisfaction of creating something totally unique and impressive!

Richard's Retro Wallet

This retro wallet, a beloved accessory from the 90's, makes a stylish comeback.  Join my workshop to craft your own retro inspired wallet with a modern twist.  The features of the retro wallet you will be creating include six card slots, two small pockets, and a currency pocket.  The design combines functionality with a touch of a vintage flare.  Learn essential techniques to give your wallet a professional finish.  From straight stitches to neat seams.  Join me to not only craft a trendy retro wallet but also relive the 90's fashion trend with a touch of your own creativity.  Whether you are making it for yourself or as a thoughtful gift, this workshop promises a fun and nostalgic DIY experience.

The Isabel Organizer

Say goodbye to the frustration of tangled cords and clutter spaces.  The Isabel is your versatile solution to keep everything in order.  Whether it is unruly electronic cords, a surplus of medications, a makeup collection or a stash of sewing supplies, Isabel is designed to be your best friend. Embrace the organizational elegance of Isable and transform your space into a haven of order and efficiency.  I am anxious to show you how.

The Caprice Organizer 

Dive into crafting your own unique organizer with my 10 inch frame.  My Caprice Organizer features five removable clear vinyl pockets that secure with a hook and loop fasteners.  Whether for sewing supplies, toiletries, travel essentials, art materials, medication or items you just need to organize - this versatile project has you covered!  This Caprice Kit comes complete with all the necessary supplies and hardware; all you need to do is choose what fabric you will use.  Experience the joy of creating a functional organizer tailored to fit your needs and style.

Zipper Pocket Bag
What a great way to use up all your zipper scraps, and you know we all have them.  I designed this bag to be fun, and can be created for any occasion. With it's zipper front, has three separate compartments, and a padded strap with swivel clips. Once you make one, you will want to make more!

Mastering Embroidery on Mesh
In this class you will learn how to sew and embroider on pet-proof screen.  The Beckah Beach Bag was designed to be roomy and includes a matching zippered pouch. Its mesh construction allows air and sand to flow through it. The beauty of this bag is that it can be a custom Christmas bag, an Easter Bag to fill with candy and sand toys, a Halloween candy collecting bag and so much more. Use your imagination and create the one of kind mesh bag!!

The Chrissie Clutch: Mastering Zippers and Compartments
The third bag in my Alphabet Series had three metallic zippers and is fully lined and three separate compartments.  A chain can be added and it instantly becomes a shoulder bag.  

Magic Miter Techniques and More!
Join me as I show you how to perfectly execute several mitering techniques.  Whether you want to make a mitered corner, create a mitered border or mitered banding, you will leave this class knowing how.  

Pam Damour’s Professional Window Treatment School
Join Pam for 4days of professional window treatment construction. You will design and make  valances, a custom drapery panel, and a bias-cut, board-mounted swag. Pam will cover several embellishing trims, techniques, how to make facings, and when to interline. Students will learn trade methods for designing, making, and installing custom window treatments.